Ik ben in de hemel

I am in heaven

Maaike Kleijn

Name: Maaike Kleijn
Residence: Beverwijk
Date of birth: August 14, 1972
Length: 1m79
Eye colour: green, I’ll show it to the viewers at home
School: Pius 10 College to great sadness, that was a very bad time. I sometimes meet people from that time who bullied me so much and that I am still angry with them, 30 years later.
Work: Environment manager at the province of Noord-Holland
Shoe size: 39
Hobbies: yoga, swimming, walking, reading and my two cats.
Brothers / Sisters: 1 sister, her name is Maartje and she also lives in Beverwijk
Pets: two cats Bobby is 2 and Billy 8 weeks
Piercing: no
Tattoo: also not (unaffected) I am, Pure nature
Holiday destination: I liked to go to Greece but have discovered that it is also nice in the Netherlands, the beach is close by and then I prefer to spend 5 minutes in the car that three and a half hours in the plane. And so the Netherlands is now my holiday destination
Favorite color: green
Favorite song: There are quite a few from Mozart to Metallica and everything in between
Favorite drink: tea, I don’t drink alcohol
What do you like best about yourself: my intelligence
What subject do / did you enjoy doing at school: drafting writing
Which shoes do you prefer to wear: gympies
Which word or phrase do you often use: (!!!)
The most romantic thing that ever happened to you: The romance is kind of deserting me so I can’t answer that. (coming soon) Yeah, a pity huh? (Yes, that’s no different) Yes, I think so too.

The most embarrassing moment of your life: I’m not going to tell you! (No, I thought so) I like the question!

Are you an outside or inside person: outside person I will go to the beach again, the sun is shining then I have to go outside (it would not rain) and if it is going to rain? Then I get wet. I find a lot of inspiration in nature (if you go into the sea you also get wet)!
Are you satisfied with your home: I am satisfied with my house, but I like the location as you should, I live here on the Plantage, it is quite busy and the driving is quite fast, something could be done with it as far as I am concerned. For the rest, I am quite happy with my home, it is quite cozy in itself, I am happy with my neighbors. This is a nice neighborhood.
What do you like most about your neighborhood? That when I walk out the door and am immediately interviewed!
Do you have nice neighbors: Yes!
What do you do on weekends: Cleaning my house, cuddling cats, basically the same as during the week, except work, which is a bit of swimming and going outside and things like that. To the forest.
What activities would you like to do? Which I don’t do yet? There are a lot of them and one life is actually too short. What I am going to start soon and what I am really looking forward to is taking Darma classes with a great Zen teacher in Amsterdam that I have had lessons from before, and he does not have that long to live and this is the last course he will give and that will be very special and it is about good and evil. (ah, and that is?) Dharma Buddhism! Zen Buddhism. (What’s that man’s name?) Nico Tieleman. He is a big one in the Zen world. I have taken lessons from him before and that has really affected me and I notice that I now also need some inspiration, and this comes at the right time.
Your breakfast: Favorite breakfast is a pancake with Nutella, but you can’t do that every day without weighing 150kg. So it is usually a box of cottage cheese with homemade muesli. That is a bit more responsible.
What do you absolutely do not like to eat: meat
What can you not stand: I can’t stand the smell of the Blast Furnages. They say it is a matter of getting used to, but it is that you do not pass on your environment as a company. It is not normal!
We have come to think it normal, but if you can smell the Cokes factories as far as Krommenie, that is not normal. (The Cokes factories are not too bad, the granulation pits give off a rotten egg odor H2SO4! But if the Blast Furnages weren’t fed up here, we wouldn’t be that rich here.) Yes, we are not that rich, just look around you. And most of the money still flows to the UK and India. But that could be a separate interview, Hans … about the Blast Furnages!!
The best feeling in the world: orgasm of course
The worst feeling in the world: a hangover
What was your first thought when you got up this morning: is it 7 o’clock already?
What are you most grateful for: for my health (you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol) and not take too deep breaths – that’s what I’m talking about the blast furnaces again.
What topic do you prefer to talk about: (blast furnaces) Politics (left – right?) Not left and not right. That sounds a bit like the Center Party but I’m going in all directions it depends on the topic. I can say – that’s the common thread – I am a nature lover, nature comes first.
When did you have to laugh hard: not long ago but I don’t remember why.
What is your favorite time of the day: My first cup of coffee in the morning, that’s my only cup of coffee (such a cup?) Yes, it is quite a big cup.
What can worry you: For a while my job was at risk, but now I can stay another year. I could lie awake about that. And I also had money worries for a long time, I could also lie awake. And love.
What is the best compliment you have received: That I am sweet.
Where would you like to go on holiday again: Canada, lots of space, very few people. Lots of green. (Yes you can drive for miles with those crazy city names) Beautiful. And a lot of Indian culture that has been preserved there. Even more than in America.
What would you do in the coming year if money was not an issue: I don’t know, but then you have a good life if you don’t know that?
If you had the attention of all the world for fifteen seconds, what would you do or say: Stop making babies! Yes it is necessary. I didn’t make them myself.
What will you do this year that no one expects from you: Lobbyen.
Where do you go when you die: To the incinerator. Sometimes I think there is an afterlife. There is none. (yes there is!)

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