Ik ben in de hemel

I am in heaven

Truus en Ans

Name: Ans Fens

I’m singing: Venz, venz, venz click on her last name to see the chocolate sprinkles commercial.
Truus: I always say Mrs. Chocolate sprinkles.

And your name: According to the data Truus Tiemstra abbreviation TT. Known from the TT Assen: is an annual motorcycle race on the Circuit of Drenthe near Assen.

Residence both: Beverwijk | Date of birth: (Ans) April 9, 1942  (Truus) May 8, 1943. Pooh Hey .. then you were 1 that you got her. (the ladies would have you believe they are related, and turn out to be mother and daughter, although they are almost the same age) but I got them mixed up.

Length: Truus: no idea, I think 1.68; Ans 1m60  Eye colour: Ans: green, Truus: brown

Shoe size: Ans: 40, Truus: 38  School / work: Ans: Primary school; Truus: Primary school, VGLO(Secondary regular primary education)  Hobbies: card making, mashing, crocheting, embroidery, sewing;

Brothers Sisters: Truus: I have 1 sister if she is still alive; Ans: I have two brothers

Pets: Ans: two cats and a Bearded Dragon; Truus: 3 cats

Piercing: Ans & Truus: only earrings; Tattoo: Truus: yes a rose and a butterfly on her leg

Holiday country: both Spain Favorite color: Ans: yellow; Truus: red Favorite song: Ans likes a lot of songs;

Favorite drink: Ans: wine Truus: Campari Soda

What do you like best about yourself: Ans: that I am always happy* Truus: that she usually has a good mood*

Which subject did you enjoy doing at school: Ans: drawing Truus: truancy

Which shoes do you prefer to wear: Truus: flip-flops; Ans just shoes with a small heel

Which word or phrase do you often use: Truus: Get ‘hengeles’, Ans always says sorry.

The most romantic thing that ever happened to you: It is yet to come; we are still waiting for that

Most Embarrassing Moment of Your Life: Both ladies are not ashamed of anything. “If you say: Truus, you take off your jacket, your T-shirt and your boob holder, then we’ll just do that. Me: It is not among the questions!

Are you an outside or an inside person: Both: outside, Truus: and I usually sit inside.

Do you have nice neighbors: Truus has a treasure of a neighbor, and has a very nice neighbor, and Ans has very nice neighbors, a lot! The whole neighborhood!

*except with a dispute over 2 animals –  both ladies are mad at me now – I just can’t stand injustice!

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