Ik ben in de hemel

I am in heaven

Famida Kokkelkoren

Your name: Famida Kokkelkoren
Residence: Heemskerk
Date of birth: March 03, 1969
Eye colour: Dark brown to black
School / work: Primary school, LNO, Scheidegger secretary training and I give language lessons
Hobby: listening to music, gardening, shopping,
Brother or sisters: 2 brothers and 1 sister
Pets: a tropical white-bellied hedgehog
Piercing: Ear and nose
Tattoo: Yes, I am completely full
Holiday country: Egypt
Favorite color: red
Favorite song: Dutch music and crazy about Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston
Favorite drink: white sweet wine
What do you like best about yourself: just how I live life
Which subject did you enjoy doing at school: needlework, making clothes
Which word or phrase do you often use: Be sweet
The most romantic thing that ever happened to you: a blind date on the phone and I’m still married to
The most embarrassing moment of your life: They just take me as I am
Are you an outside or an inside person: outside
Are you satisfied with your home: Yes, but there is always room for improvement
What do you like most about your neighborhood: everything nice and close
Do you have nice neighbors: Yes just hello and goodbye
What do you do on weekends: get up on time, do my house, go to the shops,
friends, to the Bazaar I like, good food
What kind of activities would you like to do: maybe back to class, making clothes or
so (i thought running just kidding)
Your breakfast: I hardly ever eat breakfast
What do you absolutely do not like to eat: Kale
What can you not stand: nagging, that people just act normal, let people in their worth
The best feeling in the world: just be yourself, peace
The worst feeling in the world: eople and politics just have to be honest, not lie, degrading people and animals,
What was your first thought when you got up this morning: Just nice and fresh and just give nice language lessons. I look forward to that, I like it among people.
What are you most grateful for: That my parents adopted me and that you are just in the Netherlands
What topic do you prefer to talk about: far health, food, contribute
When did you have to laugh hard: Don’t know
What is your favorite time of the day: every hour of the day
What can worry you: when people are not just fair and financial by way of
What is the best compliment you have ever received: that I am a strong woman
Where would you like to go on holiday again: Egypt
What would you do in the coming year if gelf wasn’t involved: world trip, nice house, nice adapted car that cannot be paid because I do have my driver’s license but a car is just too expensive, costs 80 to a ton
If you had the attention of the whole world for 15 seconds what would you do or say: That the government should be fair and not lie and cheat
What will you do this year that no one expects from you: I don’t have any plans

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