Ik ben in de hemel

I am in heaven

Different Hollow Earth

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Unfortunately, few people are aware of the Biblical worldview. This is primarily due to the lack of publicity. Those who believe this worldview generally feel little need to publish anything about it. There exist just a few publications about. Whoever believes this worldview is generally very careful to bring it up because hardly anyone is interested in it.

Obviously, it is much more important to reach out to people with the gospel so that they can be eternal It is more important when people have come to faith that they are Christ and His work in regard to get to know the new creation. The Biblical image of the ancient creation is in view of eternity of minor importance.

God’s plan of salvation is central to the Scriptures, carried out through the Lord Jesus Christ and connection keeping in mind the new creation. It is however also true that all biblical truths the biblical image of creation confirmed and illustrated. Knowing this Biblical world view is therefore highly recommended for a good understanding of the scriptures.

1 Introduction

This study is different from other biblical topics because it is not is primarily aimed at the Lord Jesus Christ, nor at the work that He does have done. It is not a study of the new creation, but of the ancient creation, especially about the appearance of the ancient creation.

Man has a high opinion of himself and of everything he has accomplished. This is especially true for “science”. Human science is not real science. It is technology. Nowadays, people can do a lot in technical terms. Speaking to man, one can admire it. However, it has nothing to do with “knowledge”. People often do things without knowing whether something works. Sometimes it does work and sometimes it does not. Usually people do not know why it works. Man has observed a lot in practice, which has enabled him to construct many things.

This has nothing to do with real knowledge. Western man generally looks down on peoples who have no technological knowledge. They are referred to as “backward area” or “developing country”. Western man sees it as the highest good to spread his achievements among those peoples. However, it is quite possible that much more knowledge is available to them than to Western people.

Man, as a rule, does not get to real knowledge because he does not know why things are the way they are. This is mainly due to the misuse of technical “knowledge”. Man is concerned with things that are in fact of zero and no value. Technology allows man to flee from reality. He is engaged in a dream world that does not really exist. In practice, he is not interested in reality at all. Man is only interested in things that make him better. Whether that is the truth or not does not matter at all.

This study is about truth. It’s about what reality looks like. This study deals with the old creation, especially the shape of this old creation and why it was created that way. It is not a question of whether it is in accordance with what we observe in practice. Nor is it intended to improve yourself. This study focuses on what the Bible teaches; without all modern “knowledge”. The starting point is: believe in what God has communicated in His Word. There is no chapter in the Bible find, where it is specially communicated how the old creation in sitting together. There are many chapters that deal with the new creation. Paul in particular pays a lot of attention in his letters to the way in which an old creation becomes a new creation. We do not find such chapters in connection with the old creation, which is understandable because the Bible teaches us that the old creation disappears and that a new creation is created.

The creation of the old creation actually takes only one verse:

Genesis 1: 1 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Here and there the Bible makes mention of it coming about come from the old creation, but no further attention is paid to it. God created heaven and earth, but it does not state how He did it. How it continued with that ancient creation is told (the earth became desolation, idleness and darkness; Genesis 1: 2). God tells in detail how He creates a new creation.

It is necessary for this study to go through the entire Bible, for there is no separate chapter in the Bible dealing with the ancient creation. It is dangerous to pick a text from the Bible here and there, because in this way everything can be “proved”. In this study it is necessary to look up texts that speak about heaven and earth.

Conclusions can be drawn from the choice of words. It is the only way for this study. The Bible does not start from what people see! The very essence of the Bible is that man must believe what he does not see (John 20:29). Man sees what is in mind (1 Samuel 16: 7), but that is not positive. Man should believe what the Word of God says. Man should not start from what he sees, but from what he hears (Romans 10: 8-14).

Romans 10:17  So then faith is by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

If you want to know more and you are “Born Again” please add to the website of Marja and Colin, they do translation work and ask if they want to translate the study of the Hollow Earth for you.

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