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Hal Lindsey Report (7.6.18)

What Hal Lindsey says I experienced in person with my own “hidden pathological narcissistic mother”. As a precaution, I went to visit my mother so she would not come to me too often, because when she came she often left a whole heap of demons, which meant I had a strong tendency to commit suicide. Downstairs at the flat I called upstairs to be let in, once got upstairs and upon entering her house I saw that she cried … that was a sign that you could go away because she showed unreasonable behavior and would you get a shower getting accusations about you. Strangely enough I sat down on the couch, she made coffee and put it before me … and then the cannonade started from everything my father had done wrong, my brother, my sister and of course I too .. and I did not say anything .. but the crazy thing was that I became aware that I could not. I had no control over my body, the only thing I could do was observe, with my eyes and ears. Frenzy came from her what is common with narcissists “narcistic rage” and suddenly my mouth began to speak but I was not talking? And the voice that spoke out of my mouth attacked her in the same way as I was treated and what if I then got to see her point out how she defended herself … she turned from raging anger into very sad, big crocodiles tears and through the comments from my mouth she was raging again and then very sadly until her limit was and she opened the door and said that I had to go .. and then I suddenly had the ability to get up and actually get away to go. Renovated what had just happened, I said to the Lord: I do not know if I wanted this and got on my bike, but just about the corner of the street I got a song in my head and started to sing: Happy, happy happy , so happy from the heart ‘k may sing, happy happy happy there is a God who lives and then I knew it was good!

This I have also told my brothers and sisters and they said that this was not possible, which means that they will soon have their mouth full of teeth because then there is disbelief. Perhaps it has endured that I have been connoted, but fortunately not by God, so He will speak for me, just like then!

Updated: July 11, 2018 — 1:12 pm
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